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“I Will Prevent Elder Abuse” – Will You Pledge Your Support?

Elder abuse is an all-inclusive term; it covers all types of mistreatment or abusive behavior toward incapacitated or vulnerable adults. Will you Make The Pledge to help us prevent it? The “I Will” initiative challenges us all to make elder abuse prevention a personal commitment.

Protecting an Aging Population

According to the Department of Health and Human Services Administration on Aging, there are approximately 40 million older adults (65 years and older) in the U.S. This represents close to 13% of our population, or about one in every eight Americans. By 2030, there will be about 72 million older adults, more than twice the number in the year 2000. Unfortunately this astonishing growth rate also brings a rise in the number of cases of elder abuse.

A profile of Arizona’s Adult Protective Services (APS) activities and clients last year showed that APS investigated more than 9,500 allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation. In a staggering 51% of those allegations, the alleged victim was 75 or older. The Maricopa Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance (MEAPA) recognizes the challenge this growth brings to our nation, and encourages everyone to become more aware of the issue and take the pledge.

Make The Pledge – Start Making a Difference

We invite you to take the “I Will” Pledge; it doesn’t cost a penny and will take just a few of minutes of your time. Why wouldn’t you want every friend, family member, customer, client or constituent to know you joined our Pledge List, and of your positive commitment to preventing and reporting elder abuse and exploitation.

What is the “I Will” pledge?

In a word, it’s your promise. It’s a commitment to treat elders with respect, to educate others about elder abuse, and to know when and how to report suspected abuse to the appropriate authorities.

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Why should I sign the “I Will” pledge?

The pledge is a reminder to take notice when things are not right and provides a network which enables you to seek the help you or someone else needs. There is help available as you become a driving force in breaking the silence.

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